Engine Reconditioning

With our fully equipped modern workshop we can offer you the following services:

  • Full Machine Shop Facilities
  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning
  • Cylinder Head Hot Pressure Testing
  • Cylinder Head Camshaft Line Boring
  • Cylinder Block Reboring, Re-sleeving & Honing
  • Crankshaft Regrinding, Polishing & Crack Testing
  • Cylinder Block Main Brg Line Boring & Line Honing
  • Engine Balancing
  • Con Rod Reconditioning
  • Flywheel Lightening & Grinding
  • Reconditioned Classic & Sport Engines
  • Pick Up & Delivery Service

Please don't hesitate to contact us if your requirement isn't on our list.  We're here to help and will offer the best solution to get your engine going again.  Just give us a call or eMail us for assistance at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



V6 cyl head set up ready for seats to be recut or inserts fitted.  Once the seats have been cut the valves are synchro seated & vacuum tested to confirm sealing and concentricity.  The machining accuracy is so fine that valve grinding isn’t necessary.

Before heads are overhauled they are stripped, cleaned, inspected & gauged.  Any components that are worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances of wear are replaced.  If internal corrosion or a crack is suspected the head is hot pressure tested and the damage identified.

Heads are wet blasted to remove all traces of carbon from the combustion areas and valve guides are replaced as required.



Valve seats are recut, valves refaced and tipped and heads are surface machined to achieve an accurate & clean sealing surface for the head gasket.



Lastly, heads are final cleaned and assembled using new valve stem seals.  For OHC engines the cams are refitted & tappets reset.  Tappet shims are machined or replaced to achieve the correct valve clearance as this is imperative for good engine operation.  Cambridge Rebores have the modern equipment to carry out all facets of cyl head repairs and overhaul.

If an OHC engine suffers from low oil level or low oil pressure cam brgs can become damaged or seized.  We have a specialised machine that can line rebore the cam brgs back to standard size without the need to replace the cyl head.



Crankshaft regrinding, like all machining practices, is only as good as the operator.  Here a 4 cyl crankshaft is being reground to 0.010” undersize on both the main & b/end journals.  Final size will be measured to within 0.0001” (That is one ten thousandth of an inch).



All machining is carried out to within the manufacturer’s specification and tolerances.  Final measurements are carried out using either imperial or metric equipment as required.  All measuring equipment is regularly checked for accuracy.  Near enough is not good enough, as a mistake on the journal size can result in bearing failure or oil pressure loss.



This four cylinder engine block is being rebored using one of the latest Burco boring and milling machines.  The block has to be precisely set up because as little as 0.010” is removed from the wall thickness.  After boring the cylinders are honed to obtain a 45° cross hatch finish and correct size.  Finally the cylinders are measured using a bore gauge and compared to the Manufacturers specification.


Piston to bore clearance is also checked as part of our QA procedure so that you are guaranteed the job has been done right.

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